5 Day Sketch Challenge

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Free Sketching Mini-Course

Each day for 5 days, you'll learn a new drawing concept and how to implement this idea in a quick sketch, even if you've never drawn before! If you're a more experienced artist, you will learn new skills and refresh your love of drawing.

Commit 30 minutes a day to indulge yourself, grab a pencil and paper, and hit play. It's that easy!

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30 Minute Drawing Lessons

30 Min Lessons

Lessons have just the right amount of info: Not too fast and not too slow. Plus, pause, rewind, and rewatch as much as you like.


Draw Together

Demos are in real time, NOT time-lapse, so we can draw together. You can invite friends to draw with you, too!

Learn about Drawing

See the Results!

Each day you'll have gained new tools and ways of visual problem solving, changing how you experience the practice of drawing.

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