Art School for the Rest of Us

You don't have to attend an art school to become an artist. Learn to make realistic drawings and paintings, even if you're a total beginner!

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Free Beginner Drawing Course

On Demand Video Courses

Level-Up Your Shading Now!

Five days, one half-hour video lesson each day! This course is for you if you have struggled to achieve a sense of realism or depth in graphite and charcoal drawings. 

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Foundations of Drawing

8 week course in realistic graphite and charcoal drawing. Perfect for beginners as well as intermediate artists wanting to perfect proportion and shading.

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Foundations of Oil Painting

8 week course in oil painting covering color mixing, how to use color to show form and distance, underpainting and glazing techniques, as well as alla prima, and more!

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Portrait Drawing in Graphite & Charcoal

Learn two techniques for measuring and proportion, how to draw all the features, and multiple hair textures through several demos across 6 lessons.

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Join us for a live online painting event!

You're invited to a virtual hangout and feedback session with the Realist Art Club.
Event takes place on Zoom June 30th 10am-1pm Central Time (Click for details)

Upcoming Live Classes

Open Studio

Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm Central
Individualized instruction & studio time in a group setting. For intermediate to advanced artists in drawing or painting.
Limited to 6 participants!

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Foundations of Oil Painting

Saturdays 1-3:30pm CST
September 10th - October 29th
Learn multiple painting techniques, master color mixing, and create personal compositions.
$375 In-Studio Includes all materials
$340 Via Zoom

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Portrait Drawing in Graphite & Charcoal

Thursdays 6-8 pm CST
September 15th - October 20th 
Two distinct approaches cover all the skills you need for creating portraits in any situation.
$350 In-Studio Includes all materials
$295 Via Zoom

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Classical Drawing

Mondays 3-5 pm CST
September 12th - October 31st
Discover French Academic methods for drawing from 2D or life. Great for beginners & those seeking strong drawing skills.
$340 In-Studio Includes all materials
$325 via Zoom 

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Learn How to Mix Any Color in Paint!

Do you want to be able to mix the right color, without creating several piles of mud in the process? Are you confused about which colors you should place on your palette to begin with? This free live workshop is for you!

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School of Realist Art Student Highlights

"I began learning with you feeling like a person who wanted to be an artist, but was not yet. Now I feel confident to say I am an artist!"
~ Sarah Utter

Sarah has taken numerous virtual classes with Lacey including Figure Drawing, Foundations of Oil Painting, Portrait Drawing, Portrait Painting, and is a member of the Realist Art Club. She's currently working on a building portfolio and a website to promote her art. You can find her on Instagram at @Sarah_Utter 

"Even going through two colleges, I never learned this really important foundational stuff."
~ Stephen Junceau

Stephen works in a dizzying array of media and has attended SVA in NYC as well as other art programs before attending Portrait Drawing and Painting classes at School of Realist Art. He is currently working on painting, drawing, and digital art commissions in addition to numerous personal projects. Find him on Instagram at @stephen_junceau_art

"There's no better feeling than completely losing yourself in something that you're doing."
~ Jim Lawrence

Jim signed-up for Foundations of Oil Painting after acquiring a set of paints by chance. Since then, he has created numerous remarkable portraits, and has learned how to express complex emotions in his compositions. Jim is now involved in exhibitions and is on the verge of creating his first print series! See what he's been up to on Jim Lawrence's website.

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Learn From a Professional Artist Who Didn't Go to Art School

When I was 15, I knew I wanted to be an artist.

At 16, I became a mother.

I wouldn't say that motherhood prevented me from going to art school, but it did force me to think critically about the decision. I graduated from high school with the rest of my class, and went on to get my Associates in Studio Art, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

However, I found that the instruction I found in college wasn't teaching me what I really wanted to know: How to paint and draw realistically. And being a mother meant my priorities dictated that I should not go into an incredible amount of debt to 'find myself' in a 4 year art school somewhere.

So instead, I dedicated every evening from 8pm until midnight to painting, seeking out feedback from artists I admired, and researching methods of art instruction from the French Academy to Golden Age Illustration. I created my own art education, and I can guide you through yours!

Studio Classes

Join a class in Lacey's studio in Overland Park, KS. Materials often included!

Online Classes

Study at your own pace with pre-recorded instructional videos. Virtual feedback available.

Life Drawing

Join us for uninstructed medium and long pose life drawing sessions.

Private Lessons

Individual instruction with Lacey is available in-studio or virtually via Zoom.


Learn a relaxed approach to drawing for total beginners with a daily 30 minute video lesson!