Learn how to get accurate proportion and realistic shading in this 6 week course. 

October 3rd - November 7th, 2024
Receive a video lesson each week: Reference photos, practice videos & feedback included!

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Learn The Skills You Need To Draw Realistic Figures Like This One ☞

The Foundations Course is designed for artists who crave the ability to draw the human form with accurate proportion, and create dimensional shading that shows solidity and form.

A library of figurative references and practice videos is included!

How It Works:

  1. Watch Short Concepts Videos:
    Each lesson includes short lecture videos outlining the skills you'll learn.

  2. Draw Along with the Demos:
    Sketch along as you're walked step-by-step through the process. Pause, rewind, and rewatch as needed!

  3. Post Work for Feedback:
    Head to the new Community platform to share your work, cheer others on, and get feedback on your progress.

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Lesson Outline:

Lesson 1: Block-In Basics

Learn how and why to use straight lines to create a plan for your drawing. After completing this lesson, you'll know what shapes to look for and how to understand the fall of light on the figure. 

Lesson 2: Comparative Measuring

Don't use the "How many heads tall" method to measure your figures! In this lesson you'll understand why that is a mistake, and some better comparisons to make. Plus, learn a few handy standard proportions.

Lesson 3: Angles and Triangulation

Perfecting proportion requires multiple skills to be used simultaneously. See why sighting angles and triangulation are your best friend when it comes to figure drawing, especially from life!

Lesson 4: Light Logic for Shading

If you want realistic shading and a sense of form in your figure drawings, then light logic is a must! Learn the elements of shadow, the elements of light, and the one rule you must never break.

Lesson 5: Developing Your Mark

Are you unsatisfied with the texture in your drawings and don't know which way you should make hatch marks? In this lesson you'll learn the right directions to shade to show form, and get inspiration from the masters.

Lesson 6: Finishing Drawings

Now that you have good proportions and solid shading, how can you make your drawing beautiful and cohesive? How can you add details without ruining it? This lesson helps you pull it all together.

Learn Figure Drawing and Shading Skills from Home

The Foundations Class Video Course

October 3rd - November 7th, 2024

What You Get:

  • You receive a new video lesson each week for 6 weeks to watch and study on your own schedule. Access to video content never expires.
  • Community access to chat about the lessons and submit your work for feedback. Keep an eye out for live events, too!
  • Hundreds of reference photos and bonus "Life Drawing" videos included.
  • Bonus Lesson: Using Foundational Skills with the Live Model
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