Materials List: Oil Painting Basic Set

This list is for general oil painting classes and beginning students. Some of my more advanced portrait and figure painting students may require more colors than listed here. This post contains affiliate links, but I only promote materials which I personally use and recommend!


Please buy professional quality, rather than student quality paints. Suggestions include but are not limited to Utrecht, Gamblin, Winsor & Newton, and Rembrandt. Student grade materials generally use a bunch of filler instead of pigment, which causes you to use more paint and often it becomes impossible to mix a strong color because the pigment is so diluted. It doesn't save you money in the long run!

Simple Palette for Portrait Painting:

This is a good basic beginner palette which leans a bit warm and tends to look natural. Most projects can be done with this palette, but if you have intense turquoise or hot pink colors in your composition, you may not be able to quite reach those colors....

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Materials List: Charcoal Drawing

If you want to get started drawing with charcoal, or you're taking any class with me where we will be using charcoal, here is everything you will need! I include brand recommendations for anything where I feel the brand is important and makes a significant difference with the results, and affiliate links may be included.

Need some help learning how to use these materials?

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Want a list you can print and bring to the store?

Downloadable PDF: Graphite and Charcoal Drawing Materials This PDF is the materials list for Foundations of Drawing and does include graphite, but it's a convenient download none-the-less.

OK, let's get to it!

Vine or Willow Charcoal

For the most part, any brand or variety of vine or willow charcoal works well for me. I like to start drawings with this material because it is easily erasable...

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