Figure Drawing Academy Full Video Course
Coming January 2023

Everything You Need to Master Figure Drawing Without Art School!

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Figure Drawing Tutorials on

Get real-time, topic specific lessons and demonstrations and hundreds of reference photos starting at just $10/mo.

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Download Reference Photos & Individual Lessons

Buy it once and keep it forever! We're creating a library of figurative photos and will soon have videos posted as well.

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Figure Drawing Academy:
January 2023

A full course experience, complete with incremental lessons, downloadable references and concept PDFs, and critiques.

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The Ultimate Subject of Study for Artists

Life drawing has long been considered essential curriculum for visual artists of all styles, and it's mastery a mark of accomplishment. Follow in the footsteps of the masters and study life drawing, from home!


How the Figure Drawing Academy Full Course Will Work:

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Choose Your Reference

Hundreds of figurative reference photos and 'life drawing' videos are provided.

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Get In Depth Info & Demos

Begin your quest each week by watching short concept videos before you start drawing.

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Practice & Submit Projects

Work on each week's lessons on your own schedule. Submit for feedback to level up!

But I Want to Learn Figure Drawing NOW!

You're in luck! Although the full course is not yet available, you can access real-time figure drawing lessons and reference photos for just $10/mo at

Or, download individual reference packs and lessons at

Draw realistic figures from photos or life.

Learn Concepts for Quick Sketches

Short poses often leave artists feeling unsatisfied... how can you draw something that looks good in only a minute? You'll learn targeted skills to help you create solid, expressive drawings in a short amount of time.

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Study Long Poses to Level Up

When it comes to improving your proportion and really learning how to draw the figure, having lots of time to observe and correct is essential. You'll receive assignments designed specifically for long poses, where you'll make your biggest leaps in ability.

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Advanced Lessons for Specific Topics

A benefit of an online platform is that you're not limited to what can be covered in the time frame of one class. We don't shy away from unique concepts like how to draw cellulite, realistic wrinkles, or pressure on the skin.

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Anatomy Ties it All Together: Literally! 

If there's one thing that can improve your figure drawings, it's an understanding of anatomy! But, we won't focus on memorizing names of muscles and bones. You'll learn how anatomy functions visually to build an elegant figure.

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Hundreds of Photo References

Access to a huge selection of high quality, nude figurative references, with lighting specifically created for drawing. 

Timed videos featuring live models or still images are great for practicing short poses.

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