Figure Drawing Academy

Everything you need to master figure drawing, without art school!

The ultimate subject of study for artists.

Life drawing has long been considered essential curriculum for visual artists of all styles, and it's mastery a mark of accomplishment. Follow in the footsteps of the masters and study life drawing, from home!


Your figure drawing study pathway:

Course 1: Learn basic short-pose drawing skills.

Take the free 5 Day Figure Drawing Challenge to learn beginner life drawing skills, or to brush up on short pose drawing techniques.

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Course 2: Get accurate proportion and realistic shading.

Figure Drawing Academy Foundations is a 6 week course dedicated to those essential block-in and shading skills.

Lessons released weekly beginning October 3rd, 2024!


Course 3: Human Anatomy for Artists

This is the one topic that will improve your drawing ability at every level: No matter the pose length, whether working from photos, life, or imagination!

This course is currently in-progress and can be started today!

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Course 4: Study Advanced Figure Drawing Concepts

If you want to discover the poetry in the human form and hone ability to design a beautiful figure drawing, this is the course for you!

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