On Demand Drawing and Painting Video Courses

Learn to make incredibly realistic art at your own pace, on your schedule.


Free Video Art Classes to Get You Started

These mini-courses & workshops are designed to get you comfortable with the basics of drawing and painting.

FREE Sketching Mini-Course

If you can't draw a stick figure, you need a little guidance for how to even get started drawing, and you have paper and a pencil, then you're ready to start this challenge! Get 5 free sketching lessons including reference photos.

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FREE Drawing Mini-Course

Five days, one half-hour video lesson each day! You'll create a realistic charcoal drawing step-by-step, learning how to get proportion and shade using light logic.

Start your drawing journey or improve your skills starting today.

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FREE Color Mixing Workshop

This is a 2 hour video workshop that teaches you a system for understanding and mixing colors in paint. First you'll learn the concepts behind the system, and then you'll mix colors across the spectrum, matching colors in a variety of photo references. After this workshop, how to mix the right color won't be a mystery anymore!

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Foundations Courses

Full multi-lesson courses that lead you from basic drawing and painting skills to advanced concepts. 

Realistic Graphite & Charcoal Drawing Course

This 8 week course is perfect for beginners and intermediate artists who want to perfect proportion and shading.

You will learn a variety of measuring and shading techniques, and how to draw a wide range of subject matter.

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Foundations of Oil Painting Course

Learn essential oil painting techniques, how to mix accurate colors, the keys to achieving depth in paintings, and more!

Everything is covered from how to clean your palette to how to varnish a finished painting.

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Self-Study Video Classes

Pre-recorded lessons guide you through concepts which gradually build upon each other.
Study on your own schedule, rewind, and replay. Lifetime access included!

Portrait Drawing in Graphite & Charcoal

Learn two techniques for measuring and proportion, two mediums, how to draw all the features, and multiple hair textures through several demos and concept videos. Facial anatomy videos coming soon!

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Realistic Portrait Painting in Oil

Video editing is nearly complete for this online course! Featuring three complete portraits from start to finish and an in-depth skin-tone mixing workshop, you'll learn how to paint a portrait alla prima or by creating an underpainting and layering color in stages.

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Figure Drawing References and Tutorials on Patreon

For as little as $10/mo, you can access hundreds of figure drawing references, real-time video tutorials, and pre-recorded workshops on related subject matter. New content added every month!

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Learn the Art of Figure Drawing

Don't despair if you find yourself unable to attend a life drawing session, due to time or location barriers. Now you can learn everything about life drawing from the comfort of home! This course will lead you step by step from basic to advanced skills, with photo references provided.

Figure Drawing Academy will start in January 2023.

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Realist Art Club Online Artist's Group

If you wish you could 'talk shop' with other artists, have some company in the studio, and get friendly feedback on your current projects, then this is where you belong!

We are a small group who meets weekly to create, chat, and help each other improve.

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