Foundations of Oil Painting 

In just 8 weeks you will learn:

  • How to mix paint and understand color theory
  • Multiple step-by-step techniques: Alla Prima, Underpainting, & Glazing
  • Subjects including still lives, portraits, and landscapes
  • Compositional concepts and how to choose color schemes
Learn Realistic Oil Painting

What You'll Learn:

Lesson 1 - Warm & Cool

Using only two colors plus white, begin to learn to control the paint and the value of mixtures.

Lesson 2 - High Chroma

Explore how color changes around a form on a simple red, orange, or yellow object.

Lesson 3 - Low Chroma

Choose to paint a portrait or a pear using a complementary color set to create neutrals.

Lesson 4 - Grisaille

Create a sepia or gray underpainting in preparation for glazing in Lesson 6.

Lesson 5 - Atmosphere

Learn how colors change with distance through the study of a landscape or still life.

Lesson 6 - Glazing

Use this traditional technique with transparent color and scumbling to add color to a grisaille.

Lesson 7 - Composition

Create an original design using shape and color compositional concepts to guide your decisions.

Lesson 8 - Nuance

Learn what can bring a little 'something else' to your paintings through light and edge control.

Also Included:

Technical Information

Super nerdy explanations about how paint cures, following the fat-over-lean rule, the differences between solvents and mediums, and more!

Materials Information

Explanations and recommendations about paints, colors, mediums brushes, and painting surfaces. PLUS how to clean brushes and palettes!

Bonus Demonstrations

Additional demos are periodically added which complement the curriculum, often showing additional ways to apply lesson concepts.

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What you get with the Self-Study Option:

Pre-Recorded Demos

Paint along, rewind, pause, and rewatch whenever you want!

PDF Lesson Notes

Download, save, and print: They're yours forever.

Study at Your Pace

Paint on your schedule, take more time where you need.


Is This Course Right for Me?

The answer is YES if:

  • You have never painted before.
  • You worry you've been painting wrong.
  • You feel there's a lack of color and/or depth in your paintings.
  • You want to make realistic oil paintings that impress your friends and family!

If you want to make abstract paintings or prefer to work in watercolor or gouache, this class is probably NOT for you.

Go From Zero to Creating Your Own Paintings in 8 Lessons

Foundations of Oil Painting is ideal for someone who wants to start oil painting, for those who want to learn some new techniques, or for those with oil painting experience who need more information on the proper way to use their materials. Students can work both from life and from photos with the opportunity to explore personalized subject matter after working through initial projects.

Techniques and methods covered in this class include:

  • Direct/alla prima painting

  • Indirect painting/layering

  • Understanding different types of underpainting

  • Glazing and scumbling

This course also covers materials information including:

  • Painting ground choices

  • Understanding the contents of your paint tube

  • The differences between solvents, mediums, dryers, resins, etc!

  • How to follow the 'fat-over-lean' rule

  • How, why, and when of varnishing

What Materials Do I Need?

Download a convenient PDF list of all the materials needed to get started on your oil painting journey.

Download the Materials List

Learn Realistic Oil Painting

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  • Downloadable PDFs
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Attend In-Studio


Materials Included!

  • Limited to 12 In-Studio Attendees
  • Attend Class In-Person with Materials Provided
  • Also Includes All Videos and PDF's!
  • Class meets Saturdays 1-3:30pm CT September 10th - October 29th, 2022!
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