The Realist Art Club

A supportive and friendly virtual studio for developing artists.

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Artists throughout history have gathered for mutual benefit: To offer 'fresh eyes' and encouragement, discuss the meaning and purpose of creative pursuits, and exchange knowledge. This group is just that, from the comfort of your own home studio.

The Realist Art Club is for you if...

  • You want to achieve more realism in your work or develop a unique style.
  • You crave encouraging mentorship, community, and guidance.
  • You work in any drawing or painting media, including digital media.
  • Your interests fall within a broad (really broad & loose) definition of realistic representation.

This is not a good fit for you if...

  • You believe harsh, soul crushing critiques are the only way to grow artistically. (We don't allow that here.)
  • You're not interested in representational art and prefer purely abstract or expressionist ideas.
  • You don't want to participate in any group meetings: You'd be better served by purchasing individual courses or a course-only subscription.

Is the Realist Art Club a good fit for you?

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Get feedback on your paintings, not generic art instruction.

Weekly office hours meetings give you an opportunity to get advice on your projects from Lacey and a group of helpful, encouraging peers.

Access our private online message board between meetings to get help, ask questions, or share progress!

Paint virtually with friends!

The studio can be a lonely place, and you long to chat about art with people who share that interest.

Consider this group like your gym buddy, helping you show up in the studio, and sharing in casual art-related conversation. We discuss technique, art history, reasons for creating, handling commissions, and more, while other times we're quietly in the zone.

Set intentions and celebrate milestones.

Getting clear on what you really want moves you forward, even when you encounter roadblocks or realize that your goals are changing. One Wednesday evening per month we meet to develop your vision, check in on progress, and share insight and guidance from a variety of perspectives and experiences.

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Here's what members have to say...

Gene Tyner

"What has helped me the most is the feedback I get on any piece that I am trying to drive to conclusion. A group of beneficent peers that are on my side and willing to take the time to study my work and make suggestions has been invaluable."

Carole Allison

"Being a member of the club has built up my confidence as an artist. This comes from learning new techniques and approaches from Lacey and the other artists. As a result I have demonstrated to myself the ability to push past the murky middle stages to a polished end."

Sarah Utter

"The Art Group is my haven! I look forward to spending time there every week. The feedback I get from Lacey and the rest of the community has absolutely improved every aspect of my work. I often tell people that I haven’t made a painting on my own in years, because I get so much help and support from the group."

Vickie Damm

"I have gained confidence in my drawing and painting skills, and confidence in my basic knowledge of drawing and painting. But, it may be that community is the greatest benefit for me. People to talk with, learn from and receive helpful critiques on my art."

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