An in-studio courseĀ focused on skills to useĀ when drawing the human form.
Pose durationsĀ range fromĀ 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Meetings occurĀ in-studio with a mix of live models & photo references.

Class meets Thursdays 6-8 pm CT
October 3rd - November 14th, 2024
(October 31st is skipped.)

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Join a lineage of artists who study the human form from direct observation.

Drawing the figure from life has long been considered essential for artists, and the mark of the highest achievement in draftsmanship.

Everyone can benefit from life drawing because it's not just about creating a finished drawing; It's about the experience of witnessing and observing the majesty of the figure, translating what you see into line and shading, and most importantly learning how to control your focus.

Here's what each meeting will look like:

  • A weekly concept presentation and demonstration begins each class. See exactly how to draw, how to fix mistakes and ask questions any time!
  • Next, you will all draw from a live model to practice the concept. The length of the poses will correspond to the concept you are exploring.
  • I am available for immediate help as you work, and also as I move around the room during poses and break time.
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What Materials Do I Need?

All materials are provided in-studio. However, if you'd like to work outside of class I recommend toned paper, charcoal pencils, white charcoal pencils, erasers, and a good sharpener.

Download Charcoal Materials PDF

Here's what you'll learn...

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Lesson 1: Starting a Drawing

Learn how and why to use straight lines to create a plan for your drawing. After completing this lesson, you'll know what shapes to look for and how to understand the fall of light on the figure. 

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Lesson 2: Beginning Measuring

Don't use the "How many heads tall" method to measure your figures! In this lesson you'll understand why that is a mistake, and some better comparisons to make. Plus, learn a few handy standard proportions.

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Lesson 3: Dynamic Measuring

Perfecting proportion requires multiple skills to be used simultaneously. See why sighting angles and triangulation are your best friend when it comes to figure drawing, especially from life!

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Lesson 4: Shading Form

If you want realistic shading and a sense of form in your figure drawings, then light logic is a must! Learn the elements of shadow, the elements of light, and the one rule you must never break.

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Lesson 5: Develope Your Mark

Are you unsatisfied with the texture in your drawings and don't know which way you should make hatch marks? In this lesson you'll learn the right directions to shade to show form, and get inspiration from the masters.

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Lesson 6: Finishing Drawings

Now that you have good proportions and solid shading, how can you make your drawing beautiful and cohesive? How can you add details without ruining it? This lesson helps you pull it all together.

Experience Life Drawing with Expert Guidance

Class size is limited toĀ 12 students.Ā Claim your spot ASAP!

Location: School of Realist Art in Overland Park, KS
Thursdays 6-8 pm CT
October 3rd - November 14th, 2024
(October 31st is skipped.)
$375 Includes all materials

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