Thursdays 6-8pm
May 30th - July 11th
(July 4th is skipped.)


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Drawing people is easy when you understand the structure of the human form.

It's not about memorizing origin and insertion points. 

When you study anatomy the right way, you learn how the forms of the body are connected and interwoven in a specific and predictable way. Automatically your proportions become more accurate, your contours more organic and interesting, and you'll gain the ability to sketch the figure from imagination and elaborate on your drawings from observation.

In this class you'll not only learn the most essential bones and muscles for artists to know, but you'll learn about the overall organization of human anatomy, and most importantly how to study anatomy in a way that actually improves your drawings!

Learn the shape and placement of the muscles by drawing them. 

Looking at diagrams and reading only gets you so far.

In this class, you'll create your own multi-layer illustration of the muscles on the skeleton. Further engrain these concepts by sketching the anatomy over image of the figure.

Put your knowledge to work through focused observation of the model.

Before you tackle the entirety of the figure, sketch areas as you study them. This will deepen your understanding of the anatomy and you'll immediately see how your drawings are improving.

Emphasize the anatomy and structure in your art.

Who says copying the model is the goal? With a deep understanding of anatomy, you can exaggerate, make changes, or even completely invent your figures! Knowing landmarks and how they relate makes drawing faster, more accurate, and visually interesting.

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In-Studio Course Details

If you're taking this class in studio, all materials are included: Just show up!

Each session you study a section of the body at a time, gradually creating an anatomy chart of your own to reference. After learning about the bones and muscles of the day, you'll learn how to find their landmarks on photos of models.

Finally, sketch the figure from photos and from live models brought into the studio, and see how much difference emphasizing the anatomy makes!

How the Virtual Course Works

When you register for the virtual class, you'll receive access to our online platform where class recordings are stored and feedback videos are posted. A library of figurative photo references and other resources are included, too!

Watch the class videos on your own schedule, do the assignments, and post images of your work for review.

You'll get specific feedback on your drawings and next steps as Lacey digitally draws over your photo in a video format.

To complete this course at home, you'll need toned papers, Dura-Lar Matte Film or tracing paper, charcoal pencils and colored pencils. Click below to see the full list with detailed recommendations.

Download the full materials list PDF

Learn to Anatomy for Figure Drawing

Thursdays 6-8pm
May 30th - July 11th
(July 4th is skipped.)

$375 In-Studio attendance includes materials
$165 Virtual Course

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