IRL: Painting from Direct Observation

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Classes meet Saturdays 1-3 pm CST
October 16th - November 20th, 2021

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6 Week Class Painting from Life

We will use individual still-lives to explore how the world looks to human eyes, as opposed to the camera's interpretations.

Photographs do not accurately depict reality

If you've ever seen a beautiful sunset and tried to snap a photo, or tried to capture the beauty of the moon with your cell phone, you know what I mean! Not only are proportions different through a camera lens, but colors, edges, and relationships don't convey the luminosity and depth that can be seen with the human eye. 

This class is all about observing how we see in real life, so that our paintings look real instead of photographic.

Focus on Alla Prima

We will focus on an alla prima painting technique, which will allow us to capture what we see in one to three painting sessions, depending on the complexity of the project. Still lives can be left in place between classes.

Endless Subject Options

The studio is stocked with a number of props including class, metal, and ceramic vessels, plaster casts, faux flowers and fruit, backdrop cloths, and more. You're also welcome to bring items you find interesting and meaningful.

Apply What You Learn

Still life will be the vehicle through which we earn how to replicate what the eye sees, but these concepts can be applied to any subject. It will also help you to create more realistic and lifelike paintings when you work from photographic references, because you will know how the eye might see things differently.

Live Zoom Class


  • Attend Class Saturdays, 1-3pm CST October 16th - November 20th Via Zoom 
  • Guidance on how to set up your own still live
  • Class recordings available for future reference

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Materials Included!

  • Attend In-Person Saturdays, 1-3pm CST October 16th - November 20th
  • Materials & Still Life Objects Included
  • Class recordings available for future reference