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Learn portrait painting the traditional way: By copying the masters!

For centuries, the best painters have been trained by reproducing significant works by their predecessors. You, too, can follow in this tradition and copy a master portrait, learning intimately how they translated life into paint on a canvas.

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Demonstrations released every

Real-time demonstrations posted weekly March 6th - April 10th, 2024.

Recorded Feedback
Fridays at Noon

Submit your work by Friday morning to be included in the weekly critique.

Community Access via
the Realist Art Club

Join virtual studio times and connect with other artists on our platform.

You can paint this or a number of other master portraits in this class.

Lacey will be copying the portrait shown of Madame Grand by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, but you could paint any number of master portraits using the same technique outlined in class.

Paint alongside artist Lacey Swift

Watch lesson recordings on your own schedule. All videos are in real time because I want you to paint with me! Set up your reference and paints, and prop your computer or tablet nearby to get step by step instructions from me.

Then, submit your work for feedback each Friday. You have 2 months to complete your portrait with feedback.

Paint This Old Master Portrait in Oil

Demos Released Every Wednesday 
March 6th - April 10th 2024
Critiques Every Friday

Learn to portrait painting by studying one of the greatest artworks in history.

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