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I contacted AFMAT to see if I could get replacement blades for my favorite long point pencil sharpener, and they let me know that while that model’s blades couldn't be replaced, they did have a new long point sharpener with completely replaceable blades! How cool and great for the environment.

BUT, will the new sharpener live up to the standards of the old one? I’ve definitely been pampered by these long charcoal pencil points. (The longer and more tapered the point, the less often you need to sharpen it!) So, I tested out the new AFMAT sharpener and have outlined all the differences here in this video.

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My Old Favorite AFMAT Long Point Pencil Sharpener:
My New Favorite AFMAT Long Point Pencil Sharpener, featured in this review:
General’s Charcoal Pencil Hard:
General’s Charcoal Pencil Medium:
General’s Charcoal Pencil White

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