How to Open Stuck Oil Paint Tubes

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If you are frustrated trying to open paint tubes with stuck lids, please put down the pliers! I have an easy solution for you: A simple tool sold at every hardware store that will forever open your paint tubes (and other materials lids as well!) like buttah!

Years ago I was beyond frustrated trying to open a tube of phthalo turquoise, which had gouges all over the teeth of the lid from my pliers digging into it, but I just could not get it to grab. I furiously tore through every tool in the garage and when I grabbed the faucet wrench, I found it worked like a charm. I kept it in my studio and eventually bought extras to keep anywhere I paint.

*Tip: Make sure you buy a basin or faucet wrench that has teeth in both sides of the jaw: in the round part on top, and in the flat part on the bottom. I show you exactly what I mean in the video!

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Basin Wrench:
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